"Marta Sanders is a queen of
clowning. And when a clown can
unexpectedly break your heart by
dropping the shenanigans to be real
and tender, it's potent. There's
pizzazzy panache throughout
--Rob Lester, Sound Advice Reviews,
Talkin' Broadway
"Most certainly, the major highlight of
the complete trip was NYC and that
was due to your professionalism and
knowledge of the city which you are so
excited to share with visitors. Many of
our travelers had not been to New York
City and the over-view you provided
was fantastic."-
-Fran Barr, Senior Circle
Tour Leader
South Baldwin, AL.
Marta Sanders Cooper
Tour Guide, Singer, Wife, Mother, New Yorker, QUEEN!
Webmaster: Gordon Cooper & Curt Ward - CNG Class'67
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"She is a fun-of-a-kind knock-'em-dead/make-'em-laugh performer with an old-school sense of show biz ---what's the
word?---ah yes, same as the title of her swell CD: "Panache"! I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she's related to
the lady cut from the same cloth whose talents I praised as this column began: Evelyn Sullivan. It's a rare
smooth-as-silk kind of cloth that's all too rare, but wears well and the only visible stitches are the ones they'll put
YOU in."
Rob Lester, Catch-Up on Cabaret January 2015, Cabaret Scenes, NitelifeExchange.com
"Shake those post-holiday blues off with the queen of cabaret, Marta Sanders. Her brand new
show, Follow Me, is about travel, movement and transition. Directed by Deborah Zalkind and musical
direction by the man himself, John McMahon. You don’t want to miss this."
--Richard Skipper,
Cabaret Scenes' Man About Town, February 1, 2016
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