Tour Guide Extraordinaire - Marta Cooper
From one-on-one walking tours, to luxury
megabusses full of tourists or conventioneers
Marta will guide and entertain visitors to New
York City in any way they desire.

Be it information filled tours of fine museums and
cultural icons or lighthearted tours of the homes of the
rich and famous,
Marta can make your visit to
Manhattan memorable.

As a Broadway veteran and seasoned Cabaret star,
Marta will ensure even a simple transfer is a pleasure,
but let her add those skills to her knowledge of the city
and she can become your group’s most extraordinary
Event Host.

“Marta Cooper is a leader in the tourism industry.”
-Cristyne Lategano CEO of NYC & Company

Please read the
testimonials and contact Marta
or through your tour company to arrange your
visit to fabulous New York City.
How Marta became one of Manhattan’s most highly sought after and respected
tour guides.

  • Being an “At home Mom” Marta was limited to singing and earning money in
    NYC. When the earnings from cabaret work in Manhattan became insufficient, a
    chance conversation with a neighbor working as a guide opened Marta’s mind to
    guiding as a source of income.

  • After many months of riding double decker buses, walking the pavements of
    Manhattan, countless hours book study in libraries and at home, classes skills,
    and copious note taking, Marta earned her New York City guides license. That
    steady income.  However, more rewarding than the pay is that every new group
    of visitors to New York City, ends a tour with Marta enriched and entertained.
    Their joy and gratitude is the same compensation that an artist gets from a
    cheering cabaret audience.  
    Marta soon gained recognition
    for her guiding skills, becoming
    President of the Guides
    Association of New York
    (GANYC). During her three
    terms in that role Marta helped
    in found the National
    Federation of Tour Guide
    Associations (NFTGA), and
    served as that body’s VP.

  • Marta was also elected as VP
    of the board of the Swiss based
    World Federation of Tour Guide
    Associations (WFTGA), after
    serving as the delegate
    representing both NYC and the
    USA at the WFTGA
    conventions. The goal of all
    these organizations is to
    improve the professional
    standing of guides here and
    worldwide by setting skill levels,
    codes of conduct, and the
    recognition of licensing and
    other qualifications.
This resulted in many improvements for
all the parties concerned, especially
the visitors who provide NYC’s second
largest revenue source.
For a span of ten years Marta Cooper
served on three different Boards. In New
York, Marta worked with the Mayor’s office
and the official visitor bureau for the city,
NYC & Company, forming the Tourism
Round Table, which brought together the
police and transportation departments to
create a dialogue with the guides of the
tourism industry.
Today, Marta's accolades come not only from individual visitors but from many
of the major Tour Companies and Destination Management Companies who
bring in over 40 million visitors a year to the Big Apple.
Marta with Broadway's Rod
(the puppet) of Avenue Q,
At the June Briggs NYC
Tourism Awards
Above: The Empire State Building  

Below:  Central Park, Looking North.