"Marta Sanders is a queen of
clowning. And when a clown can
unexpectedly break your heart by
dropping the shenanigans to be real
and tender, it's potent. There's
pizzazzy panache throughout
--Rob Lester, Sound Advice Reviews,
Talkin' Broadway
"Most certainly, the major highlight of
the complete trip was NYC and that
was due to your professionalism and
knowledge of the city which you are so
excited to share with visitors. Many of
our travelers had not been to New York
City and the over-view you provided
was fantastic."-
-Fran Barr, Senior Circle
Tour Leader
South Baldwin, AL.
Marta Sanders Cooper
Tour Guide, Singer, Wife, Mother, New Yorker, QUEEN!
Webmaster: Gordon Cooper & Curt Ward - CNG Class'67
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"Such a fine show. May this great broad sing forever."
Katie Dunne McGrath, CABAROO - February 2nd 2017

"Marta is the best! Her vocal power is unreal, her comedic timing spot-on, and her patter is entertaining."
Adam Rothenberg, CALL ME ADAM - February 2nd 2017
"There was merriment, mirth and marvelous music flowing within the Laurie Beechman Theatre as
Marta Sanders took to the stage for four evening of delightful songs in her newest show,
Follow Me."
- Peter Haas,
Cabaret Scenes, February 11th 2017
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