Marta, I had to pass this comment
on to you :) :) ...We just got the
group feedback from the Hartford
Middle School. Sara wrote that
one of her students said "I want to
be JUST like Marta. And give tours
when I'm an adult."
Poly Mabry
Winged Victory USA
Hi Marta,

Just a quick note to say how much I have
appreciated working with you.
I have been a Bus driver for 9 years, and in
that time I have had several Step-on-guides
to work with.
I say this with all honesty, you are head and
shoulders above all the rest in doing your job.
Thank you for all your help.
I will highly re-commend you to all our New
York trips in the future.

Jack Tomlinson
Bus Driver
Overland Tours.
Hi Marta,
Judy and i would like to thank you for  
a job well done. The two days we         
spent together I learned a lot about
developing and combining the tour
for our President's Club. I also
learned about group and individual
perceptions associated with the
program. You are a true asset to
Cosimo and tony (Briggs) and to the
industry. We will incorporate all of
your ideas into the tours and i hope
you can set aside the time to be part
of our program. Our program will be
a greater success with you as part of
our team.

Thank you again for a job well done
and for the CD which Judy and I have
truly enjoyed.
Seagate Technology
Have you had the pleasure of touring with Marta?
We would love to get your feedback too!
Please feel free to
contact us and maybe yours will appear
here too!
March 2012